Children of Prisoners Library

More than one in forty children in the United States has a parent in prison. The loss of a parent to incarceration means a crisis for that child. Concerned people in all settings are dealing with children of prisoners and their caregivers daily, but in most cases with benefits of training or specific information.

To help meet this need, Family and Corrections Network has created a new resource—the Children of Prisoners Library (CPL), an Internet based resource at CPL provides free information sheets designed for people serving children of prisoners and their caregivers.

Library materials can be accessed through links to the left of this page or through the pamphlet list below. The Facts and Issues section has pamphlets for all readers. Currently there are specialized pamphlets for Caregivers of children of prisoners and for Health Care Providers. We plan to add more specialized sections for Communities of Faith, Educators, Legal Service Providers, Social Services Providers, and Mental Health Service Providers. The Resource section provides a list of selected Agencies, a children’s Book List, a Glossary of key terms, Links to additional material on line, a list of Reading and Reference materials, and selected Videos. We also offer Training.
The Children of Prisoners Library (CPL) was written by Ann Adalist-Estrin. Some CPL material was adapted material from the three part series, How Can I Help?, published by the Osborne Association, Long Island, New York.

About Formats

Children of Prisoners Library pamphlets are available in both HTML and PDF formats. When you select a topic, the HTML file will open. This file has a link to the PDF version.

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In Appreciation

The Children of Prisoners Library is supported by a grant from the Robert Wood Johnson Foundation with additional support from the Catholic Campaign for Human Development, the Jack DeLoss Taylor Charitable Trust and the Heidtke Foundation.

CPL thanks our sponsors:

Alpha Phi Alpha Fraternity, Inc. (Southern Region)

Children & Family Finance

Hour Children

National Practitioners Network for Fathers & Families

The Osborne Association

We are also grateful to our sponsoring organizations: Alpha Phi Alpha Fraternity, Inc.-Southern Region, Children and Family Networks, Hour Children, The National Practitioners Network for Fathers and Families and The Osborne Association. To become a sponsor, see our application form.

Special thanks to the Osborne Association for permission to revise and publish material from the three volume set of pamphlets, How Can I Help?